7-8 June: Workshop: Paradoxes of Cardinality and Fineness of Grain, CSMN, Oslo

Joint workshop between the History and Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics research group in Arché and the Department of Philosophy at the University of Oslo. Confirmed speakers (to date): Oystein Linnebo (Oslo), Toby Meadows (Aberdeen), Agustin Rayo (MIT), Stewart Shapiro (OSU), Gabriel Uzquiano (USC and Arché). Info  

4 June, 2016: Workshop: Higher-Order Metaphysics, CSMN, Oslo

The topic of the workshop is the metaphysics of propositions, properties and relations, understood in such an extra-linguistic way, whether formulated in higher-order or first-order terms. Confirmed Speakers (to date): Cian Dorr (New York University), Timothy Williamson (University of Oxford). Info and call for papers

25 November 2015: Two Talks by Kit Fine in Gothenburg

Prof. Kit Fine (NYU) visits the department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science (FLoV) at the University of Gothenburg on the 25th of November. Fine will give two talks. The first is Truthmaker Semantics for Imperative and Deontic Logic, in which Fine will consider how the truthmaker framework might be used in developing a semantics and logic … Continue reading 25 November 2015: Two Talks by Kit Fine in Gothenburg