25 November 2015: Two Talks by Kit Fine in Gothenburg

ugot_logoProf. Kit Fine (NYU) visits the department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science (FLoV) at the University of Gothenburg on the 25th of November. Fine will give two talks. The first is Truthmaker Semantics for Imperative and Deontic Logic, in which Fine will consider how the truthmaker framework might be used in developing a semantics and logic for imperative and deontic logic. The second is Guide to Truthmaker Semantics, in which he will give a sketch of truthmaker semantics and consider its application to classical logic, intuitionistic logic and various forms of relevance logic. The talks are scheduled to be delivered at 10-12am and 3-5pm. The venue for the first talk is yet to be decided but the second will be held in sal T 307, Olof Wijksgatan 6. Contact Anna-Sofia Maurin for further details (anna-sofia.maurin@gu.se)



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