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Ingvar Johansson on TBS’s List of 50 Most Influential Living Philosophers!

s200_ingvar-johanssonThe online magazine The Best Schools has just published a list of the 50 Most Influential Living Philosophers. Among them we find Professor Ingvar Johansson. A representative of TBS informs that the list was compiled partly using a tool developed by TBS to determine links to the works of the philosophers in question, page views, book and article citations and more. They also used a tool called SEMrush to determine the traffic to home pages, wiki pages, etc., in order to get an estimate of what they call Influence Networks. TBS’s team included four Philosophy PhD’s and in addition they consulted numerous philosophers to balance the quantitative data they collected. 

Here is a link to TBS’s list

18-19 October: 2nd Meeting of the Nordic Network in Metaphysics

University_of_Agder_logoIt’s time to start thinking seriously about the upcoming 2nd meeting of the Nordic Network in Metaphysics. The venue this time around is the University of Agder, located in Kristiansand in Norway.


Matti Eklund (Uppsala)

Anna Sofia Maurin (Gothenburg)

Tuomas Tahko (Helsinki)

Eline Busck Gundersen (Oslo/Aarhus)

Lars Bo Gundersen (Aarhus)

Ragnhild Jordahl (Bergen)

Valdi Ingthorsson (Lund)

more info soon!

Sept 12-13: Conference – Topics in Ontology and Metaontology

242915_1uu_logoThe Department of Philosophy at Uppsala University will be hosting a conference on topics in ontology and metaontology on September 12-13, 2016. The conference is under the auspices of “The Lightness of Being” project. Visit the conference website

Sept. 20-21: International Conference, Metaphysical Explanation – Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Source: Metaphysical Explanation – Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Issues addressedugot_logo include, but are not limited to, that of which (formal) properties metaphysical explanations could be expected to exemplify (and why); that of how metaphysical explanations relate to the grounding relations they track; that of how metaphysical explanations compare with causal explanations; and that of what epistemic virtues (if any) metaphysical explanations can be expected to essentially involve.