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Sept. 20-21: International Conference, Metaphysical Explanation – Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Source: Metaphysical Explanation – Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Issues addressedugot_logo include, but are not limited to, that of which (formal) properties metaphysical explanations could be expected to exemplify (and why); that of how metaphysical explanations relate to the grounding relations they track; that of how metaphysical explanations compare with causal explanations; and that of what epistemic virtues (if any) metaphysical explanations can be expected to essentially involve.


October 18-19: Meeting of the Nordic Network in Metaphysics

The 2nd meeting of the Nordic Network in Metaphysics will be held at the University of Agder, in Kristiansand, Norway, on October 18th-19th, 2016. Confirmed speakers so far are Anna Sofie Maurin and Matti Eklund. More details will come soon, but meanwhile reserve the date in your calendar and check out the tourist information about Kristiansand on Visit NorwayUniversity_of_Agder_logo

7-8 June: Workshop: Paradoxes of Cardinality and Fineness of Grain, CSMN, Oslo

CSMN logoJoint workshop between the History and Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics research group in Arché and the Department of Philosophy at the University of Oslo. Confirmed speakers (to date)Oystein Linnebo (Oslo), Toby Meadows (Aberdeen), Agustin Rayo (MIT), Stewart Shapiro (OSU), Gabriel Uzquiano (USC and Arché). Info


4 June, 2016: Workshop: Higher-Order Metaphysics, CSMN, Oslo

logo_ferdig-copyThe topic of the workshop is the metaphysics of propositions, properties and relations, understood in such an extra-linguistic way, whether formulated in higher-order or first-order terms. Confirmed Speakers (to date): Cian Dorr (New York University), Timothy Williamson (University of Oxford). Info and call for papers

30 Nov-4Dec. 2015: Hägerström Lectures

456604_1rae-langton_150Rae Langton, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Cambridge, is the 2015 Hägerström Lecturer. The talks are delivered in Uppsala between 30 Nov–4 Dec. More details

25 November 2015: Two Talks by Kit Fine in Gothenburg

ugot_logoProf. Kit Fine (NYU) visits the department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science (FLoV) at the University of Gothenburg on the 25th of November. Fine will give two talks. The first is Truthmaker Semantics for Imperative and Deontic Logic, in which Fine will consider how the truthmaker framework might be used in developing a semantics and logic for imperative and deontic logic. The second is Guide to Truthmaker Semantics, in which he will give a sketch of truthmaker semantics and consider its application to classical logic, intuitionistic logic and various forms of relevance logic. The talks are scheduled to be delivered at 10-12am and 3-5pm. The venue for the first talk is yet to be decided but the second will be held in sal T 307, Olof Wijksgatan 6. Contact Anna-Sofia Maurin for further details (


Workshop in Uppsala: The Lightness of Being

The inaugural workshop of the project The Lightness of Beingwill take place at Uppsala University on November 16-17, 2015. The topic of the workshop is Meta-Ontology. Information here: Lightness of Being

CFP: Ground, Essence & Modality (GEM) at Helsinki, 8-10 June 2016

A call for papers has just gone our to the ‘Ground, Essence and Modality’ conference in Helsinki next year. More details here:

About the Nordic Network in Metaphysics

The Nordic Network in Metaphysics is an informal network of those philosophers in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden) that have an interest in metaphysics. It is open to whoever wants to be associated with the network. The aim is to arrange one meeting per year, democratically rotating the responsibility of organisation between the Nordic countries.

Please contact Anna-Sofia Maurin ( if you want to be added to the networks mailing list. To make registration easier, please write you details in the following format: Lastname, Firstname, E-mail, (Title, University): link to webpage

if you have something to share with the network, please contact Valdi Ingthorsson (

Nordic Network in Metaphysics is up and running!

The inaugural meeting of the Nordic Network in Metaphysics was held in Uppsala, Sweden, on the 20-21 October 2015, on the initiative of Anna-Sofia Maurin and Matti Eklund. The event gathered around 20 metaphysicians from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland, who unanimously disagreed (each in their different way, of course) to the content of inspiring talks from Einar Duenger Bohn, Markku Keinänen, Johanna Seibt, Tobias Wilsch, Eyja Brynjarsdóttir, and Tobias Hansson Wahlberg. Admittedly, Jani Hakkarainen at one time noted, in a surreal moment, that he “almost completely agreed” with a speaker. This was naturally qualified immediately with how exactly he still disagreed. We are happy to conclude that consensus was only achieved about non-philosophical matters, such as the format and organisation of the Nordic Network of Philosophy. It was decided that the network will be an informal and inclusive affair, gathering once a year, rotating the responsibility for organising meetings between the nordic countries. The next meeting will be held in Norway, and then in Finland in two years time. Well met!