Essay Competition 2022 Journal of Social Ontology

We are very happy to make two important announcements.

Since its conception in 2015, Journal of Social Ontology has quickly established itself as a high-ranked specialist journal in philosophy. Up until now, Journal of Social Ontology has been published by De Gruyter on a fully Open Access basis. We are very pleased to announce that, as of 2022, Journal of Social Ontology will be a fully Open Access journal that is entirely self-published. Journal of Social Ontology continues to be funded by International Social Ontology Society (ISOS), and will receive additional funding from the University of Vienna to support this move. This step will serve to safeguard the future of Journal of Social Ontology as a fully Open Access venue which makes papers freely available to all readers without any cost to authors, their institutions, or those who submit papers – something to which ISOS and the Editorial Board are deeply committed. Journal of Social Ontology will move to a new website: For more information about submissions, please consult our new website.

We are also very pleased to announce the ISOS Essay Competition 2022 for junior scholars. This competition is open to people who are either PhD-candidates or have received their PhD no longer than five years prior to the closing date of the competition. It is administered by a subcommittee of Journal of Social Ontology, and the winner is chosen on the basis of multiple anonymous reviews by internal and external selectors. The author of the winning essay will receive a €500 award and the essay will be published in Journal of Social Ontology. The winner of the essay prize will also be offered to give a keynote at the Social Ontology 2022 conference in Vienna. All expenses are covered by the International Social Ontology Society.

Submissions will be subject to anonymous review, following the guidelines of Journal of Social Ontology. The essays should be submitted to the journal via and labelled as entries to the essay competition. Authors are asked to state their affiliation, (expected) date of receipt of their PhD and the names of their committee members in the email. The closing date for receipt of submissions is 13 March 2022.

We look forward to your submissions.

Kind regards,

the Editorial Board of Journal of Social Ontology


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