The Nordic Network in Metaphysics is an informal network of those philosophers in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden) that have an interest in metaphysics broadly conceived, i.e., including ontology, metaontology, metametaphysics.

Membership is free and open to whoever wants to be associated with the network. The aim of the network is to exchange research in metaphysics and build a research community, especially also with a view to facilitating international contacts among  junior researchers.

The network organizes webinars and a yearly meeting.  The organization for these meetings rotates among the participating institutions from different countries.

If you wish to join the network, please contact Anna-Sofia Maurin (University of Gothenburg) and provide your details (see membership list)

If you have something to share with the network, please contact Johanna Seibt (filseibt@cas.au.dk).


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