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Nordic Events

Recent and forthcoming Nordic events with a connection to metaphysics:

  • Oct 18-19, 2016: 2nd Meeting of the Nordic Network in Metaphysics
  • Sep 20-21, 2016: Conference: Metaphysical Explanation, University of Gothenburg. Info
  • Sep 12-13, 2016: Conference – Topics in Ontology and Metaontology. Info
  • June 7-8, 2016: Workshop: Paradoxes of Cardinality and Fineness of Grain, Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature, Oslo. Info
  • June 4, 2016: Workshop; Higher-Order Metaphysics, Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature, Oslo. Info
  • May 24-27, 2016: Conference (topic TBA), organised by the Disclosing the Fabric of Reality Project, CAS Oslo. Info
  • November 30-December 4: Hägerström Lectures in Uppsala: Speaker is Rae Langton, Cambridge.
  • November 25, 2015: Two Talks by Kit Fine in Gothenburg; Truthmaker Semantics for Imperative and Deontic Logic & Guide to Truthmaker Semantics. Info
  • November 24, 2015: Conceptions of the infinite. Luncheon Seminar by Professors Frode Kjosavik and Øystein Linnebo, The Turret Room at CAS Oslo. Info
  • November 16-17, 2015: The inaugural workshop of the project The Lightness of Being on the topic of Meta-Ontology, Uppsala. Info
  • November 12-13, 2015: How is metaphysics possible?, CAS Oslo.
  • August 26-28, 2015: Opening Conference for Disclosing the Fabric of Reality – The Possibility of Metaphysics in the Age of Science, CAS Oslo.
  • May 8-9, 2015: Epistemology of Metaphysics Workshop (EMW 1), University of Helsinki;
  • March 20-21, 2015: The Metaphysics of Properties, University of Helsinki.

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